A new documentary featuring behind-the-scenes footage of 'American Idol' champ Scotty McCreery in his hometown of Garner, N.C. will air on Great American Country in early October.

'Introducing: Scotty McCreery' airs on Oct. 3, one day before his album 'Clear as Day' hits retailers. Many Scotty fans need no introduction to the teenage star, but the title reflects the show's inclusion as part of the network's 'Introducing' series that puts the spotlight on rising singers within country music.

Todd Cassetty led the film crew that interviewed the singer when he came back to North Carolina for a concert in July. The crew also visited important spots in McCreery's life, like his high school and church, which they plan to highlight in the in-depth program.

Cassetty came away impressed with the 17-year-old. "Seeing him at the concert, I was blown away," Cassetty told the News Observer. "He's got incredible stage presence. Performing for a huge arena crowd is different than performing for a small crowd on television. Whatever 'it' is, he's got it."

Cassetty also gushed about McCreery's personality and demeanor. "As someone who works with a lot of artists, you always wonder what the real person is behind the public persona," Cassetty said. "The great thing about Scotty is it's exactly the same. He's a solid-as-a-rock good guy, and down to earth. And frankly, I think that is what has made him successful and what won 'Idol' for him. People sense that genuine young man, and they either want to date him or want their daughters to date him. ... He's definitely more mature than any 17-year-old I've ever met."