We're less than a month out from Scotty McCreery's debut album 'Clear as Day' and the 'American Idol' Season 10 winner dished to Taste of Country about the album. He went deep, revealing that 'Water Tower Town' is one of the most personal songs on the album. Since he spent several months singing covers on the show, McCreery is taking songs from key songwriters and giving them the Scotty stamp.

"This was a song that reminds me of my hometown," the singer said about 'Water Tower Town.' The song transports McCreery to his native North Cackalacky!

He reminisced, "The water tower in my hometown was right across the train tracks from the baseball field that I grew up playing at when I was younger, so I grew up passing the water tower every day. It talks about Friday night football and sweet tea and fireflies – all things that relate to Garner, North Carolina. When I heard it I was just smiling ear to ear. That’s one of the songs that I’m excited about putting out and seeing the reaction to, and I know my hometown will be all over that song and probably playing it at football games and stuff."

McCreery is beyond stoked about the album and rightfully so. He was hitting local studios while touring as part of the American Idols Live! jaunt this past summer, and it was certainly an upgrade for the country boy! "My only experience before this was in a basement studio for a sophomore [year] project," he said. "I went to my guitar teacher’s house in a little basement studio … So not too much experience in the studio."

Now that McCreery has fashioned himself into a bona fide country music star, he is still trying to keep his boots firmly planted in small town realities. He is going to attempt to go home for homecoming, but he's not too sure about his status at for Prom.

"It just depends on tour dates and promotion dates and stuff," he said. "There are things we’re trying to work around. There are some important days … I mean, I’m a high school football fan! I’m not ashamed to say it! So if I wanna go to a game, I’ll say, 'Look, can we do this on Thursday or Saturday and not miss Friday?' We’re trying to work around me being a kid, you know. I know I have certain obligations. I know I have places I need to be and sing and show up, but I’m gonna try to be as normal of a kid as possible. I’m not trying to just throw away my childhood."

Scotty McCreery sure has a good head on his shoulders, but he is not immune to missing the creature comforts of home, like hot dogs at Snoopys or sweet teas at Bojangles. In fact, while most American school-aged children were dreading going back to school at the start of September, McCreery, with all his fame and his bright future, would give anything to enjoy that normalcy. He said, "Kids, they get all bent out of shape and don’t wanna go to school, but I’ll tell ya. Wow, what I’d give to take one more English test or something! Just sit at a desk, pick up a pencil. I don’t think I’d be falling asleep in class anymore!"