This week, busy beaver Scotty McCreery stopped into Yahoo Sessions to lay down his two big singles, 'I Love You This Big' and 'The Trouble With Girls' and a few others as a part of the site's Ram Country series.

Now that he's had some practice, the 'American Idol' winner can lead a band with seemingly no effort, and no longer looks timid at the mic. McCreery slowed down his tunes for this stripped session, though he did all of the hand motions during his debut hit as if he were shooting a music video.

The band kept a low-profile and let the young country star shine in the spotlight, but overall, with the low lighting and woven rugs, it was as if McCreery were holding a mini-concert in his grandma's living room. While he was there, the Garner, N.C. native opened up about his 'Clear as Day' album, which impacted on Oct. 4.

"For me, this album is all about being me and not kicking it and being believable at the mic when I was singing the songs," he told Yahoo. He added, "To do that I had to have some of those old influences and that old sound," citing Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty and many other classic artists for helping him get where he is today. "It's just amazing for me to be the new guy, you know. I've described myself as being the senior in high school on 'Idol' -- top dog -- and now I'm the freshman in college here in Nashville."