Country music is here to stay, as they noted on 'Good Morning America' during the breakfast show's Summer Concert Series this morning, where 'American Idol' Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery and and runner up Lauren Alaina performed. Alaina, who sat out last night's show in Maryland as she is afflicted with bronchitis, was a trooper this morning. She didn't speak much during the interview segment, preserving her voice for her performance, so her partner-in-crime McCreery did all the chatterboxing.

He did make a new'ish revelation, saying that after he releases his new album 'Clear as Day,' he plans to finish his education. "After the album, I am going back to school," McCreery said. "This is my senior year. I am not going to miss out on those memories."

Scotty McCreery is living proof that you can have it all.

McCreery has perfected the art of "making love" to the crowd with his expressive eyes and by gesturing towards them with his hands. His rendition of 'I Love You This Big' was pitch perfect, as he brought country music to the Big Apple on a breezy, beautiful August morning. There were lots of young girls in the audience; could McCreery be country music's answer to Justin Bieber?

Alaina performed 'Like My Mother Does' and you'd never know she was struggling with bronchitis, as she hit all her notes and looked beautiful doing so in her black pantsuit. Alaina showed herself to be a true professional with her 'GMA' perf!

The eliminated Idols and McCreery-Alaina tourmates blasted through a medley, including Aerosmith's 'Walk This Way' and Journey's 'Any Way You Want It.'

McCreery and Alaina both announced last night their respective album titles and release dates. We can't wait for October!

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