Before you get ready to watch the debut video of 'Otis,' you need to head over to the official websites of 'American Idol' Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery and runner up Lauren Alaina and sign up for their mailing lists pronto! McCreery's site is here while Alaina's site is here.

Why the fuss and the rush? Simple. Each star has a countdown clock on their site, ready to "go off" at 7PM ET, when a secret, special announcement will be made. There's no real clue as to what that announcement is or what it pertains to, but if you sign up for each artist's respective email list, you will get the news right in your inbox. You can check their sites later tonight for the info.

Finding out exclusive news is certainly an important reason to sign up for the mailing lists of McCreery and Alaina. While their labels can harvest your information and thus promote music to you in the future, it's still quite a smart move to join their mailing lists, especially if you heart Scotty and Lauren. They both have so much going on and you can stay up to date with current, official happenings.

We're waiting with baited breath about what each Season 10 superstar is going to reveal. A new single? Album titles? Tour dates? Track listings? A duet on either of their debut albums? The possibilities are endless.