Scotty McCreery fever is infecting Summer 2011, making an already hot season even hotter. Justin Bieber, lookout! You're not the only 17-year-old music sensation anymore!

McCreery, the 'American Idol' Season 10 winner, is riding a crest of success with his debut single, 'I Love You This Big,' which has moved nearly 200,000 downloads and notched a record-setting debut on the country radio charts for an artist with his first single. But even as 'I Love You This Big' is building and growing by leaps and bounds, a second song has leaked via YouTube. The song, 'Out of Summertime,' is an upbeat and uptempo track that was rumored to have been a contender for McCreery's coronation song. Obviously, the ballad 'I Love You This Big' was chosen as the finale song and to be his first single and it is a stronger song that is better suited to McCreery's strengths and that winning voice of his.

You can take a listen to the twangy, warm-weather friendly 'Out of Summertime' for yourself to see if you dig it or if prefer 'I Love You This Big.' Chances are that if you are a McCreery fan, you'll like both tunes. You don't have to be a country music fan to like either song; both have a universal flair.

In other McCreery news, the 17-year-old has signed to Mercury Nashville and is looking forward to working on his debut release.

Listen to Scotty McCreery, 'Out of Summertime'