PopCrush has teamed up with Season 10 'American Idol' winner and legit country superstar Scotty McCreery to premiere the video for his new album's title track and lead single, 'See You Tonight.'

We've been following the singer (who will turn 20 in October), since he was a teen and winning hearts and ears on 'Idol' back in 2011. 'See You Tonight' is his third album, following his 2011 debut 'Clear as Day' and last year's holiday release 'Christmas With Scotty McCreery.'

'See You Tonight' is a love song about dropping everything to be with that person you desire.

The video features footage of McCreery performing, backed by his band. These scenes are spliced with a narrative about two young lovers who are apart -- a military serviceman and his girl back home.

The plot focuses on their reunion, complete with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts! You can't beat that. Love and donuts!

The video and the song capture that feeling of longing, and the relief and happiness that come with landing in the arms of the person you love more than life itself.

Take note, McCreerians: The singer is personally signing all albums pre-ordered by 7:30PM CT on Thursday (Sept. 5). So grab the record here ASAP, and you will get the singer's John Hancock, making your copy of 'See You Tonight' priceless.

The album drops Oct. 15.