Scotty McCreery's second single, 'The Trouble With Girls,' is a twangy ballad that stays true to the 'American Idol' Season 10 winner's country roots. As if we expected any different. It starts out as a spare song, with piano, guitars, lilting percussion and McCreery's signature deeper-than-the-ocean voice -- however, the track then builds into a room-filling, dramatic number.

The song celebrates how women make you weak in the knees and how they steal your heart with a bat of their eyelashes and soft touch. It's their smiles, the way they hold you on the dance floor, and the way they sit in the middle of your truck. Yes, McCreery makes all those statements in the lyrics. All in all, it's an ode to romance, where McCreery sings "The trouble with girls is that they're so damn pretty / Everything about 'em does something to me."

McCreery admits that he is not immune to the love of a good woman, declaring that "The trouble with girls / Is nobody loves trouble as much as me." The song is universal in its celebration of all that is female.

Musically, 'The Trouble With Girls' is a honky tonk or watering hole-ready song that should bellow out of jukeboxes down south. It should have the cowboy hat-wearing boys putting down their beers and their pool sticks so that they can ask the lovely ladies in the room to share a dance.

The song has an epic mid-section with lots of strings, with McCreery's deep, wise-beyond-his-17-years voice crooning over them.

'The Trouble With Girls' is more sweeping than his debut single, 'I Love You This Big,' and it serves to make us want more from Scotty. His debut, 'Clear as Day,' is out Oct. 4.

Listen to 'The Trouble With Girls'
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