Season 10 'American Idol' victor Scott McCreery visited a familiar and comfortable setting for his 'The Trouble With Girls' video: his high school in Garner, North Carolina.

McCreery, the pride of Garner, seems caught in a constant struggle where he misses and loves home and being a regular teenager, as he performs on late night TV, at the World Series and beyond as the Season 10 'American Idol' champion. He certainly enjoys returning to his old stomping grounds and we can't blame him. There's no place like home.

This video finds a confident McCreery playing the part of a regular teen. Although in all actuality, he's not playing a part. Despite the No. 1 debut of 'Clear as Day,' the records he's broken on the radio charts and the fame that surrounds him, McCreery is still the same Southern teen we met in January during his 'Idol' audition. He appears so at ease and at home in North Carolina.

In the video for this twangy ballad, we see Scotty navigating the world of teenage romance. He's in a chemistry lab, playing with the beakers, complete with protective goggles akin to windshields! He has "chemistry" with his lab partner, too. We get the message; it's not subtle.

McCreery is also singing in the hallway, in front of sun-drenched lockers. Then there's notes being passed during class and after school baseball games being played. The video for 'The Trouble With Girls' effectively captures the slice-of-life high school experience that most American teenagers endure.  A year ago, McCreery was exactly that!

Scotty even performs on the baseball diamond, so he is staying true to his roots, which he shared during the promo packages during each 'Idol' episode.

Take a peak at the behind-the-scenes footage, too!

Watch the Scotty McCreery 'The Trouble With Girls' Video