Scotty McCreery graced the 'American Idol' stage once more. This time, though he wasn't competing, he proved to still be quite the winner with his performance of 'Water Tower Town.'

His bass is McCreery's trademark, though previously it was almost jarring to hear coming from someone of his youth. His voice is incredibly deep and mature, and he's finally starting to look the part. His shirt was even unbuttoned just enough to show off his cross necklace.

McCreery traverses the stage, serenading all areas of the crowd as well as the judges' table, much to the delight of a beaming Jennifer Lopez.

"It's good to be back," he smiled post-performance. "It feels like it was just yesterday!" Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Iovine presented McCreery with a Platinum plaque for 'Clear as Day.' Flustered, McCreery held up the plaque and cheered along with the crowd. His performance and charm showed once more why he's not only an 'AI' victor, but also a consistently successful commercial artist.

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'Water Tower Town' on 'American Idol'