From the moment he first cooed, "Baby, lock the door and turn the lights down low" during his audition, we knew that Scotty McCreery was something special. The rest of America agreed, as the teen, known as the pride of Garner, N.C. was voted the Season 10 winner of  'American Idol.' One-hundred and twenty-two million Americans cast their votes for McCreery -- and second runner-up Lauren Alaina -- and they ultimately chose McCreery.

McCreery was clearly snakebitten by the results, but he didn't forget to thank the Lord as he wiped a tear. It was too cute and too sweet for words. He also immediately engulfed Alaina in a huge hug upon receiving the results and said that the two of them started the journey together a year ago and that they will continue to embark on this path side-by-side. Maybe more duets are in their (very bright) futures?

McCreery attempted to sing his new single, 'I Love You This Big' while he walked through the crowd, alternating through tears and laughter, but the moment was just too big for him to motor through another song. Who could blame him? He was probably overcome by a wellspring of emotions. He did hug and thank his fellow competitors while trying to sing, too. It was charming as all hell. That's part of why McCreery was able to edge out the rest of his talented competition. He's a total package of talented, adorable and down home country. He's as American (Idol) as apple pie.

PopCrush would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Scotty McCreery. He is your 'American Idol.'

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'I Love You This Big' After Winning 'American Idol'