On Tuesday night (December 8), Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's brilliant horror-comedy Scream Queens wrapped up Season 1, which means we finally learned the identity of the final Red Devil killer in the murderous group that stalked Wallace University: the death and murder-obsessed Hester (Lea Michele), aka Chanel #6. And she managed to get away with it, too!

Following the Season 1 finale, Lea Michele spoke with Variety about her role as the killer and what she (and viewers) anticipate for next season.

From the beginning, Murphy made it abundantly clear that the actors would not know who the killer was until the final script was published, but Michele says she didn't even find out on her own. Rather, her co-star Keke Palmer (Zayday Williams) nonchalantly broke the news. "The first thing I wanted to know," Michele explains, "was, ‘Do I die?’"

Michele describes how she and many of her co-stars were torn about the identity of the killer. "Some people did think it was me," she reveals, but "[a] few people thought it was Skyler [Samuels, aka Grace]. It was 50/50."

But to play the role of the killer, Michele explains how Hester's character needed to undergo a dramatic transformation: "Up until the finale, I had played Hester like she was obsessed with the Chanels. And then to get to really see how her brain has been working and how she'd been raised was so fun for me to play."

Michele also wanted to be sure that Hester wouldn't die so she could come back next season, which Murphy confirmed for her before the finale's filming began. And the fact that Hester gets away with it will "bring such a great texture to next season, if we get lucky enough to come back," she qualifies.

And while relatively little is known about next season, Michele confirms that "[i]t's an homage to another classic horror film." "[A] classic girl film," she quickly adds. "Think summer camp" Oliver Hudson [Grace's dad Wes] revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen back in November (via Christian Today). But all Michele could reveal was this: "Yes, we're playing the same characters in a new location. We would all go somewhere, and it's explained why we're going where we're going."

So, what do you think of Hester as the third Red Devil killer? And which girl-centric/summer camp slasher flick do you think will serve as inspiration for Season 2?

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