'Scrubs' stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison are quite a pair while acting on screen, and even more so when singing off screen. The funny guy duo recently met up in the hilltops to show off their vocal ranges while belting out a classic holiday tune.

The duo joined hands, so to speak, to duet in a lovely rendition of the cold weather favorite 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' -- though their backdrop of a pool and the Los Angeles skyline simply screams warm weather. Dressed in similar suits and ties, Don and Zach belt out the lines to the tune so seriously, most of the time not letting on whether the song is intended to be a joke.

While this man-on-man number is hilarious in itself, given that it's typically a mixed gender rendition, it has its own added funniness thanks to Donald's sub-in lyrics and Zach's careful direction, as well as a little light flirting (likely caused by excessive alcohol sipping). To top it all off, it's great to us to see that the 'Scrubs' funny guys are staying in touch, even though the show melted into a memory in 2010. Well done, boys!

Watch the 'Scrubs' Actors Cover 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'