After a three-month investigation into Sean Kingston's near-fatal jet-ski accident, investigators have concluded that the singer's "inexperience and inattention" were to blame for the crash that almost killed him and a fellow passenger.

According to TMZ, a newly-released police report disclosed that Kingston did not know basic boating-safety procedures or read the instructions of the watercraft. They believe the 21-year-old crooner mistakenly released the throttle while turning the steering wheel at the same time, which caused him to lose control of the jet ski.

As we previously reported, Kingston suffered a broken jaw, a fractured wrist and water in his lungs after he crashed his jet ski into a bridge in Miami on May 29. The accident was so severe it caused him to have two open-heart surgeries, as well. According to the report, Kingston hit the bridge so hard that it left an imprint of his head on the cement.

Police fined Kingston for "careless operation [of a vehicle] in an accident" and fined him $180. While the fine is simply pocket change for Kingston, it's way better than the other option, which could have been death. Hopefully, he takes this as a sign to attend a safety boating class and maybe take water-skiing lessons.