Turns out that all those rumors about Justin Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez being upset about her BF's association with Sean Kingston are just that: Rumors, blown out of proportion by the scoop-hungry media. When visiting Ryan Seacrest on is morning radio show on Tuesday, Aug. 16, Kingston opened up about his friendship with The Biebs, as well as his relationship with the singer's main squeeze. It's all love in this circle of famous friends.

Kingston and The Biebs turned up at Gomez's Miami tour stop together earlier this summer, sparking those rumors. Kingston was quick to clear them up, saying, "The first thing I will say, no offense to Selena, but I knew Justin before. He came to me a was like 'Yo, what do you think about the relationship.' So, I'm like a big bro mentor to him." That's certainly understandable, and Gomez probably "gets" that the The Biebs and Kingston have a friendship that pre-dates her. But as for that whole Selena-hates-Sean drama? Non-existent!

"The media takes things and they roll with it. I was just with Selena they other day at the Teen Choice Awards, we hung out, it was cool, it was all love,” Kingston said.

And that's that. No more drama.