It has been three weeks since Sean Kingston's near-fatal jet ski accident, which left him in critical condition. The singer's recovery has been slow, but steady, as he suffered a broken jaw, broken wrist and consumed a large amount of water in his lungs after crashing his jet ski vehicle at a high rate of speed into a bridge over Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday afternoon (June 19), Kingston took to his Twitter page for the first time since the incident to inform his fans that he is making a steady recovery.

"Feeling a lot better!" he tweeted. "GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL!"

Kingston also included his first public photo since the May 29 accident, appearing to look in good spirits and well on his way to being fully recovered.

Following the crash, Kingston, 21, was admitted to a trauma unit at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition. After he was in stable condition, he was transferred to ICU. Doctors anticipate Kingston to make a full recovery within the next six months.

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