Sean Paul is looking for love in the club.

Just in time for summer, Sean Paul returns with a hot song that will surely heat up the clubs worldwide. The dancehall sensation is in full mack mode on his new single, 'Got 2 Luv U ' (featuring Alexis Jordan), which he premiered on his official website on June 29.

The Stargate-produced song features a synthesize groove almost similar to Keri Hilson's latest single, 'Lose Control' (Featuring Nelly) but with a pulsating dancehall beat overriding the track.

On the song, Sean Paul eyes a beautiful woman in the club that he would love to whine-and-grind with on the dance floor. The crooner seduces his partner with promises of unconditional love and affection. Paul sings:

"Girl, if you're alone I can give you security / I can give you the remedy to set you free."

Now how can any female resist that romantic come-on?

R&B newbie Alexis Jordan joins Paul on the infectious chorus and gets flirtatious with the dancehall king:

"I, I'll do anything I could for ya / Boy you are my only / I, I'm gonna flip these beats on ya / And you don't even know me."

No word on if the single will appear on Sean Paul's upcoming fifth album for Atlantic Records. His last effort was 'Imperial Blaze' in 2009, which boasts such hits as 'So Fine' and 'Hold My Hand' (featuring Keri Hilson).

If you need Sean Paul 'Got 2 Luv U' for your weekend barbecue party, the song is available for purchase at

Listen to Sean Paul, 'Got 2 Luv U'