Hey Gleeks! We've got a spoiler alert, or news, depending on your perspective. Several sites have divulged that the third episode of season 3 of 'Glee' is titled 'Asian F' and the centerpiece is none other than Mike Chang, played by Harry Shum, Jr.  Shum, Jr. was recently upped from recurring to regular status on the show and what better way to celebrate the promotion then with a key episode.

Wet Paint printed a synopsis, courtesy of Gleezone, so here's a summary of what allegedly happens. Don't read it if you want to be surprised, that's the only warning. Shum, Jr.'s Mike is facing pressure to quit the New Directions and Rachel and Mercedes are going head-to-head for the lead in the school play while a new candidate campaigns for class president. Sounds like all the makings of a fun-filled, high school drama-filled episode of 'Glee!'

As for that title and why Mike is considering splitting with the New Directions? Well, Mike gets an "A-minus" on a chemistry test, which is known as an "Asian F." Because of this academic "blunder," his father orders him to quit the New Directions in order to focus on his schoolwork. He is then faced with the always difficult choice of following his dream and his heart, or taking heed of his parents' edict. Sigh.

While Mike struggles with the decision, he is given some support from a surprise source.

Which path will Mike Chang take? You'll have to find out when the episode airs.

The third season of 'Glee' starts on Sept. 20