While the First Headliner nominees for 2013's Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival are a serious force of star power to be reckoned with, the same could be said for the nominees in our Second Headliner slot. Here, we've got nine choice nominees for the second headlining spot in our pretend music festival of 2013 -- Hey! We can all dream, right? -- and it's up to you to decide on who's going to perform!

Let's talk about the males who are vying for the Second Headline spot first. Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Chris Brown are all pitted against each other in this particular poll (along with some seriously talented females, as well), and while each artist may have a very different sound, there is no denying that these three males are an incredibly gifted triumvirate of pop.

Do you love dreaming of the sweet, smooth and super funky sounds of born-and-bred showman Bruno Mars gracing your ears? Or maybe you can't get the idea of 'Fine China' crooner, Chris Brown, dancing live and in-person out of your head? Or perhaps you would you prefer to see his Swagginess, Justin Bieber, perform a medley of hits, with everything from 'Boyfriend' to 'Baby' in the set list?

But Mars, Breezy and the Biebs have some stiff competition from the ladies in this category. Demi Lovato, Kesha, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are all competing for the second headliner spot at 2013's Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival. Demi Lovato would be amazing to see live, as the 'Heart Attack' singer gives her all during performances and always puts on an awe-inspiring vocal show. But if party jams are more your thing, you may want to vote for Kesha, whose live show is a crunktastic, nothing-but-fun spectacle. When you aren't being showered with glitter, you'll be screaming at the top of your lungs to sing-alongs like 'Crazy Kids.'

Fashionista / twerk master Miley could be an amazing headlining act, especially with a fresh batch of tunes on the way. Or maybe you'd like to see the beautiful RiRi wind and grind it as she belts out hit songs like 'Stay' and 'We Found Love'? If these gals aren't for you though, maybe Selena or Taylor would suit your fancy -- they're both great live, but for very different reasons. Gomez will give you glitz and glam, dancing to sexier songs like 'Come & Get It' and rocking out to older, 'Scene' jams. Meanwhile, Swift kills during virtually every performance, playing instruments as she sings, showing off theatrics, and providing amazing stage setups.

Vote for the Second Headliner in 2013's Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival below! You can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Wednesday, July 31 at 12PM ET. Good luck!