The 2011 MTV VMAs are creeping up on us and Lady Gaga is getting all kinds of creepy as preps for the show. She filmed a "secret" video for the network in NYC this week. According to GagaDaily, a website dedicated to all things Motherly and Monsterly, the vid is supposedly a commercial for the VMAs and it features two major elements in the form of blood and fire. Where's the earth and water? Perhaps those elements will factor into the commercial, too. The spot is also rumored to include 'Government Hooker' and 'Heavy Metal Lover, ' two album cuts from 'Born This Way.'

Is you curiosity as rampant as ours?

An MTV staffer said that Gaga "danced, vamped, sang, bled and underwent more costume changes than Evander Berry Wall." Would you expect anything less from someone who spills platelets for her art with increasing regularity? Oh, and costume changes? Hello, it's Gaga. She needs a new outfit every minute, if possible.

Photos from the shoot are below, where's Gaga's name is spelled out in blood. There is also a table that has 'Born This Way in the USA' scrawled on it, with a backdrop of fire. It looks like the setting of a virgin sacrifice. The photo of Gaga herself finds her with dagger-like nails and blood-red lips, outlined with darker liner -- which is often considered a makeup "don't" but in Gaga's case, she works it.

Gaga also reportedly radio station KIIS FM that she is pulling out all the stops with this year's performance. "I have some pretty exciting things planned for the MTV Awards," she said. When asked for hints, she declined to comment, remaining clench mouthed and saying "Absolutely not." That's fine by us, Gaga. There is something to be said about the element of surprise.

The VMAs are set for Aug. 28. Gaga is up for three VMAs. Will she sweep? Tune in to find out.