Brooklyn-based pop duo Secret Weapons' band name hints heavily at their origin story. Members Gerry Lange and Danny Rocco formed the group after their repeated bonding over shared musical tastes got Lange kicked out of math class, but they didn’t reveal their project to anyone until 2015 — a full year after they’d initially begun writing and recording. It turned out to be a decent strategy for the duo, who have since emerged to significant buzz surrounding their high-energy live shows and undeniably catchy single “Something New.”

The track's music video, premiering today on PopCrush, follows suit on all that stamina: “Something New” sees a man dressed in a suit leaping across various platforms, a solid display of parkour and dance. Performance footage of Secret Weapons is interspersed throughout, making for an interesting (and appropriate) parallel between the two.

The video's blatant opposition of perceived rigidity and structure is a fitting plot line for the track, particularly once you delve a little deeper into the group's origins. Secret Weapons eventually signed with Epic Records, where Rocco once worked as a lawyer in their legal department, according to Billboard. He handed in his resignation as soon as the band inked a deal with the label in a move that came as a total shock to his co-workers, who had no idea the band existed.

But working both sides of the industry has proven beneficial, as Rocco understands the ins and outs of the business aspect of music more fully than most of his contemporaries.

“I knew how Epic worked and had strong relationships with the people who worked there,” he said. “I also learned a lot about [chairman and CEO] L.A. [Reid], and couldn’t have possibly imagined a better person in the entire industry to be on our side."

Check out Secret Weapons' dynamic music video for "Something New" above.