What's more cozy and comfy than your bed? It's where you retire after a long, hard day doing whatever it is you do and where you allow your body and mind to achieve some much-needed rest. It's also the place where you get down for a little lovin', too!

The bed serves many purposes, obviously. When you are a celeb, then your bed doubles as a photo studio.

The bed selfie and the in-bed photo are ever-popular among the rich and the famous and the celebs and pop stars you love.

They pose with their pups, their significant others, their Chanel pillows -- hi, Miley -- and their Dorothy from 'Wizard of Oz' heels. Of course that's a Lady Gaga thing!

We've rounded up some of the sexiest, sleepiest bed pics and selfies!

Justin Bieber, doing his best Michael Jackson nap pose.

Biebs and his baby bro stacking Zs. Technically not a selfie, but cute. Notice how Jaxon has his hand wrapped around JB's fingers. They are so tight!

Kesha and her skully socks.

Forget eating crackers in bed. Kesha's downing some vino.

Lauren Conrad and her pal Fitzgerald.

That's LC in her dogs' bed.

Lady Gaga and her ruby red shoes.

Gaga nuzzling her Karl Lagerfeld doll -- we want one. Actually, we want both. We'd like our very own live Gaga to spoon with and a Karl doll.

That's a huge bed and that's Rihanna watching 'Catfish.'

And that's Rihanna and her bootay and her River Island boxers.

RiRi couldn't sleep so she didn't count sheep. Instead, she selfied.

Last one for Ri!

Demi Lovato is a rock star with aviator shades, leather pants and a 'stache.

Napping during a mani.

Kim Kardashian rests with a full face of makeup.

Kylie Jenner stole her big sis' preggers pillow.

Miley Cyrus and her pooch paws.

Miley's pups and her Chanel bedding.

Miley x Floyd.

Miley really lurves her dawgs.

A wake up cup of Zayn Malik.