Lady Gaga arrived in Thailand last week, cloaked head-to-toe in black latex. While the constricting frock showed off her banging bod, it left us wondering one thing: How the hell does she move in what amounts to a real-life Catwoman suit? It can't be easy to maneuver in and out of that clingy, dominatrix-y dress, either, especially when Thailand is known its sticky climate and balmy weather. We can't imagine it's not sweaty in such a dress.

While we are highly suspect of the comfort level of the dress, she still looked like the couture diva she is. Gaga accessorized with major baubles in the form of a huge diamond necklace and chunky bracelets. The dress had built-in fingerless gloves, so she really didn't show much skin.

The Mother Monster revisited the Granny chic look, with a white beehive, dosed with pink in the front and square framed shades. The hair and shades were a bit Grandmother Monster, but still faboo.

She was greeted by thousands of screaming Thai folk at the airport and simply stated, "I'm very happy to be here."

Okay PopCrush readers. We're taking an impromptu poll. How many people do you think Gaga requires to help her in and out of that dress?

She also tweeted a quick post referencing her recent drama with religious groups protesting and forcing the cancelation of her Indonesia gig. She posted: "There is nothing Holy about hatred." Simple and oh so true.

Watch Lady Gaga Arrive at Bangkok Airport