Lady Gaga is the girl with the most cake! She tore through the "new" song 'Cake Like Lady Gaga' at her Rio de Janeiro gig this weekend. It was the Mother Monster positioning herself as a "hard," chest-puffed, self-congratulatory "rapper" while performing in Brazil. And yeah, we liked it. A lot.

The heavily produced urban song sounds good when delivered in the live realm. It's certainly a harder, most boastful and ego-driven track for her, in which she sidesteps her normally embellished dance pop.

Her vocal delivery is also decidedly hip-hop in tone and texture. It's like she's saying, "I know I'm the s---. I'm the baddest mother effer around."

You can check out the fan-filmed footage below, but be careful. The amateur videographer -- aka the fan capturing the perf with an iPhone -- didn't have a steady hand and it might give you a raging case of motion sickness. It's jumpy footage and will give you a headache, so maybe just crank the volume and look away? That way, you can still enjoy the song.

The person nearby chanting "Cake like Lady Gaga" doesn't add anything to the track, though, with his unintentional backing vocals.

Gaga pranced around the stage with her entourage and her crew during the performance, which was behavior befitting the song. It was the final jam of the night, since she signed off and disappeared below the stage, post-song.

PopCrushers, what did you think of 'Cake Like Lady Gaga' performed live?