Guess what Rihanna did while on her 777 tour? She went topless. We know, you are completely and totally shocked by the fact that RiRi showed off Mary Kate and Ashley, right? It's not like she didn't just cover Billboard in only a bra or wear little more than a cropper leather jacket and her hands on GQ. Well, those shots were posed. These are images that found their way on Instagram and show RiRi horsing around with her girls. No, not those girls. Her girlfriends.

The topless photo, unearthed by ONTD!, sees RiRi getting raunchy. Again, that's par for the course. The singer was blowing smoke and covering her eyes with Canadian funds. She cupped her boobs with her hands, since, you know, her hands are pretty much bras and panties at this point, since she places them strategically in photos.

RiRi is letting off steam while she is on her whirlwind 777 tour. She was wraslin' with her female friends -- no, they were fully clothed, not slathered in oil, as you might expect -- and even let one of her pals smooch her boobies.

What's going on out there, RiRi? You trying to make Breezy jealous?


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