Hubba hubba. The British lasses in Girls Aloud shot the video for their contemplative new single 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me' and the Cheryl Cole-featuring ensemble looked like angels and Grecian goddesses in white dresses while on set. Boys, are you ready for your heart to start racing once you get a load of these pics?

The images from the shoot certainly make us anticipate the video, since Cole and her ladies look like dreamy, cherubic visions in their frocks.

In the main image, the gals are sprawled out on a daybed sofa-type hybrid, but there are also some solo and sexalicious shots. We particularly love the one of Nadine Coyle nestled in a tub while clothed. Cole and Coyle certainly make heads turn.

Each member of Girls Aloud is hotter than the next.

They look delicate in white, which suits the mood of the song. The Girls were known for their dance anthems, not their thoughtful ballads, so they are turning the corner, creatively, with their comeback songs. There's nothing wrong with a change of pace, even when it's as unexpected as this.

If you've not yet indulged in the news single, check out our review here and take a listen.

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