Selena Gomez has just earned membership in the ultra exclusive 10 Million Club. What is this club we speak of? It's the 10 Million Twitter Follower Club! Okay, there's no membership dues or membership card, but Gomez has become the tenth person to reach 10 million followers on Twitter and that's a pretty impressive status, since so few have it.

According to Media Bistro, Gomez notched her 10 millionth follower earlier this week. It took her about 45 days to notch the additional million followers that put her at the 10 mil mark. Having that many followers certainly increases her cache as a major influence on the youth of today. Selena tweets, and people read it. Congrats, Sel!

The 'Hit the Lights' singer tweeted about reaching this Twitter milestone, posting: "26+ million on facebook and 10+ million on Twitter... Thank You all so much for all your love and support."

The Twitter Top 10 with 10 million followers includes Gomez's boyfriend Justin Bieber and her bestie Taylor Swift, so she is in good and familiar company. Other pop stars that have 10 million or more followers include Lady Gaga (way ahead of the pack in first place with over 18 million little monsters), Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Shakira and Rihanna.

Non-pop stars that have 10 million in followers are President Barack Obama and reality star/branding machine Kim Kardashian.

So, are you following Selena Gomez on Twitter, PopCrush readers?