We have a hunch that Selena Gomez is winning her break up with Justin Bieber... hard. According to Hollywood Life (via Entertainment Wise), an insider is reporting that the 'Who Says' songstress is giving Biebs the ol' cold shoulder.

Gomez was overheard complaining that Justin is forever texting her at a Grammys afterparty. You know, that same party she left with Alfredo Flores. Are you taking the hint, Justin?! Homegirl has moved on!

The source also said that the teen heartthrob is playing the old "make her jealous game," but Selena is not biting. "He even invited her to tour with him, go on vacation and everything, but she said no 100 times. She’s bored by his bull---t. She is dying to move on from him and wants to grow on her own as not just his girlfriend." Dang! Selena is cold-blooded!

But let's take a step back for a moment. Maybe Selena wants to take on the world solo and define her career on her terms, like any other 20-year-old girl. When you're dating the world's biggest pop star, it's a little difficult not to be overshadowed, even when you're a famous actress and singer yourself!

We hope these crazy kids can work things out and remain friends... or at least civil!

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