Pop princess Selena Gomez is previewing a tidbit of her forthcoming single 'Bang Bang Bang' off of her third studio album 'When the Sun Goes Down,' which hits stores on June 28.

In the 22-second 'Bang Bang Bang' preview, Gomez can be heard singing over some high-pitched electro keys as she gets sassy as she sings about an amazing new boyfriend (ahem, Justin Bieber) and the ex from whom she is "stealing" her love back.

"My new boy gets it, how to get me / his love is deeper you know / he's a real keeper you know, oh, oh / Bang, bang, bang I'm breaking in / Stealing all my love back / Giving it to him / oh, oh / Bang, bang, bang this time I win," the 18-year-old sings.

Fans can get the full-length version of 'Bang Bang Bang' on iTunes on Tuesday, June 7. Gomez will also release two other singles on June 14 and June 21 before her album drops.

Listen to a Preview of Selena Gomez, 'Bang Bang Bang'