Selena Gomez has a new single, 'Bang Bang Bang,' in the works with her band the Scene, and with every new single comes some stylish new cover art ... Or not.

We're not sure exactly what the 19-year-old Bieber-dater was going for with this single cover, but it seems like a mix of the latest trends in one -- hipster-chic and 3D, perhaps?

While no legitimate artist wants to be forever tagged "that Disney girl," this style seems like a bit of a stretch for a teen who fronts, well, a teen pop band.

Sure, Gomez is looking extra sexy rocking that '90s outfit and some chunky heels while she kneels on a grassy knoll (?), and we're sure it's just what Dr. Bieber ordered -- but we're just not so keen on it.

If Gomez is going to nail down a new look, we guess now is the time, but she should probably disappear for awhile and then come back reinvented. Otherwise, it's just confusing. Maybe she and the Biebs can elope! We kid, Beliebers, we kid.

All in all, we like Gomez and we'll support her newfound adult decisions, even if this single cover is the end result. One question though: When should we look for our 3D glasses in the mail? Ouch, our eyes!

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