Selena Gomez has a smokin' hot body.  We already knew this because we have functioning eyeballs and saw her poster for 'Spring Breakers.' So it's no wonder to us that the singer-actress had no qualms with her bikini wardrobe for the film.

The 20-year-old told MTV News, "I didn't mind. I didn't care. People take pictures. People already have opinions. I wasn't there for that, necessarily. I was playing a character, so I just completely indulged myself in that. So whether I was in a bathing suit or a turtleneck, I was fine." That's the attitude to have, Selena! She knows people will write about her body, for better or for worse, and has decided not to let the criticism phase her, especially when she's getting such critical acclaim for her role in the movie so far.

Gomez also expressed her concerns with some of her younger Selenators going to see their idol in 'Spring Breakers.' She remarked, "I know that I have a younger following, and I so appreciate that, and I'm thankful for that, but I did warn them in my best ability, as I could. When I see the parents, I go, 'Maybe they don't see this one.'"

So pretty much Selena is the classiest of acts in Hollywood. Not a bad title to have in our opinion!

'Spring Breakers,' Selena's riskiest role to date, is set to hit theaters in New York and Los Angeles on March 22.

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