Selena Gomez has the blues. As in blue tips!The raven-haired singer had the tips of her rich, shiny hair dyed blue. It looks like she dip-dyed her locks and is putting a new spin on the "right now" ombre look.


Gomez tweeted a shot of her "new" look, posting: "Change is good... My girls @ninezeroone take care of me always : ) LOVE."

She then shared another photo, looking cute, young and, well, blue!

Gomez's boyfriend Justin Bieber is probably loving her edgy, semi-punk and possibly semi-permanent new look. Her colorist must have stripped the dark brown out of the tips in order to set the blue hue. That way, Gomez can easily chop the tips off if they get frizzy or crispy from the damage that often accompanies drastic color processing. That's assuming that this is Sel's real hair.

She has rocked a variety of lengths and textures in the past six months, which is probably courtesy of extensions so you never know if she just colored her own hair blue or if it's synthetic hair. It could also be temporary coloring!

Whatever the case, she's got the blues and it suits her.