At least she's honest about it.

Selena Gomez recently posted a video on Instagram of herself trying to pronounce her rumored new boyfriend's name. She fails spectacularly. The Russian-born DJ goes by Zedd, which Selena can obviously pronounce as it's pretty straight forward, but his full name is Anton Zaslavski. And, let's be real, those extra consonants make things a little more difficult to sound out phonetically.

Selena wound up taking the video down, but once something goes up online a chance that a fan will download and re-upload it upon immediate removal is pretty much a guarantee at this point. Thankfully, a fan did exactly that so the video is up on YouTube for all to pay witness.

You can check out Selena and her friend butchering Zedd's last name in the video posted above. How would you pronounce Zaslavski? Is the v silent? Is not knowing how to pronounce a significant others' name a deal breaker for you?

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