Justin Bieber isn't the only guy that makes Selena Gomez's heart skip a beat! The 'Who Says' songstress recently met one her biggest celebrity crushes, 'Transformers' star and former Disney actor Shia LaBeouf.

Gomez has talked about her infatuation with and admiration for Shia LaBeouf in the past, and the singer was actually tricked into an impromptu meeting with the actor by her publicist and other people on team Selena.

In the video below, Ms. Gomez, 18,  is surprised by the very attractive LaBeouf, 25, at an event. When she sees LaBeouf coming out of his dressing room, she is immediately taken aback and her first instincts are to run away and hide. However, she turns back around and poses for some pictures with the actor, who calls her "sweet" before she tells him, "Thank you. I admire you!"

After meeting LaBeouf, Gomez retreats to her dressing room and is as giddy as a little school girl. The nearly breathless Selena says, "He's so cute ... Oh my gosh he's so handsome." She continues, "I'm so embarrassed. Now he thinks I'm crazy," to which her people insure her that she is not, and how it is refreshing to see a celebrity get a little starstruck every now and again.

Watch out, Bieber! Your girl was definitely on cloud nine after meeting Shia!

Watch the Video of Selena Gomez Meeting Shia LaBeouf