Selena Gomez and her rise to fame will be documented in a graphic "novel," dubbed 'Selena Gomez: Young at Heart.' Much like her boyfriend Justin Bieber before her, Gomez will have a comic book dedicated to her life and likeness. It will be available wherever fine comics are sold beginning in September.

The comic will examine Gomez's childhood through her time as a Disney star. Her current status as a famous and much-loved teen queen will also factor into the comic's biographical narrative. Gomez is the perfect subject for her own comic book, since she is stunning, is dating the biggest pop star on the planet that's not Lady Gaga and she can sing and dance, too. Her squeaky clean image doesn't hurt, either.

At 40 pages, the comic will be the easiest of reads for Gomez fans and fiends. Joe Phillips illustrated the comic, while Marc Shapiro scribbled the words. Shapiro was completely impressed by his subject, saying, "Writing about Selena Gomez was a revelation. She has a legitimate drive and commitment to make it to the top. Yes, she's cut from the same mold as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus but I was able to see, in researching her story, that she has real grit and smarts."

We already knew that about the 'Who Says' singer.