If you've been living under a rock the past few days, then you haven't heard that Selena Gomez -- aka Mrs. Justin Bieber -- just dropped her new album, 'When the Sun Goes Down' on June 28.

The day it dropped, we gave you the PopCrush run down -- our review of the new S. Gomez and the Scene record -- song by song, but how does the teen pop princess feel about her third studio album? Billboard caught up with the very busy Miss Gomez, who gave her personalized take.

Here's what Selena had to say about each track:

1. 'Love You Like a Love Song'
"It's one of those tracks that's kind of addictive 'cause it's kind of repetitive in the best way. It's one of those songs that you can't get out of your head."

2. 'Bang Bang Bang'
"It's really fun -- it's a cheeky song. It's kind of an insult/compliment song about someone who used to be in your life, and now someone who's in your life that's kind of amazing … I feel like a lot of girls can relate to that song especially."

3. 'Who Says'
"It's probably my favorite song I've actually ever recorded. I think it's really meaningful, and it's kind of a big anthem. It went platinum so it's my second song that's ever gone platinum, and I was really, really excited. I was in the car when I found out. I really think the song is really special."

4. 'We Own the Night'
"This is one of my mom's favorites. It made the album because of my mom, and then I became crazy obsessed with it because I just thought it was really beautiful and really fun to sing."

5. 'Hit the Lights'
"It was actually the first song I recorded and it was really fun. I feel like everyone can relate to that song. It's one of those, 'Oh, I regret this, I should have done this, oh, what's going to happen in the future.' It's kind of one of those songs about living in the moment while keeping it a big, huge summer dance track."

6. 'Whiplash'
'This was very different for me. It kind of fits … It's kind of like the oddball in the whole record to me, but it fits perfectly. All of the songs have different vibes to them but they all kind of flow really nicely and 'Whiplash' is really different. I love the lyrics, saying, you know, you're completely in love with someone and you want to crash into them and get whiplash."

7. 'When the Sun Goes Down'
"We named the record that because it works perfectly with describing the album, and the whole album artwork. But also, it's really special to my bass player Joey, who wrote it -- but I got to write the bridge of it as well. It was nice that it felt like we got to do that as a band."

8. 'My Dilemma'
"'My Dilemma' is my Kelly Clarkson kind of pop rock. You have to have a breakup song, you have to have one of those songs about a boy that just drives you crazy, and it's really one of those songs that I can sing over and over again. It was one f those that I was just addicted to."

9. 'That's More Like It'
"It reminds me a little bit of like a cheeky, '50s kind of theme. I feel like back then you always assumed that it was the woman that would cook for you and the guys would go to work, and the song kind of flips that and says you can massage my feet, you can take care of me, you can cook me dinner. I feel like girls would definitely enjoy singing that, so I apologize to all of the boys who will be hearing that song!"

10. 'Outlaw'
"It's a really weird track, and I got to try a different thing with my voice. I got to lower it a little bit and it was a little sultry but still very playful. I got to put the Lone Star State in there, because I'm from Texas … It makes me very happy because I'm very proud of where I came from."

11. 'Middle of Nowhere'
"This one is also one of my mom's favorites, she definitely loves jamming out to that song. It's just beautiful. If you just read the lyrics without even listening to the music, it's just beautiful. Then you add the fun pop beat and it just really wants to make you just move."

12. 'Dices (Who Says)'
"We recorded that because I recorded my song 'A Year Without Rain' in Spanish, and it did really well. I love, obviously, being able to connect with that side of me and with my fans. I'm not fluent in Spanish so it's nice to sing it and it makes my family proud. I hope I eventually get to record more of that and maybe even release an album in Spanish one day!"

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