Selena Gomez covers the December issue of Glamour and she's all sorts of Old Hollywood glam and holiday party-ready in a champagne-hued, strapless and satiny gown, accompanied by her shiny cascade of waves and scarlet lips. She's surrounded by red balloons and looks ravishing, celebrating her appointment as one of the mag's Women of the Year.

No wonder managed to bag The Biebs as her boyfriend and to hold onto him for two years. The girl is a stunner, no matter which way you slice it.

In addition to covering the holiday issue of the women's mag, Gomez was selected as one of the "Women of the Year," which is an annual list compiled by the editors and featuring icons of any and every age. That's a big honor to bestow on a 20-year-old, but Gomez has earned it and is the perfect person to represent her age group.

She's made some risky, to-be-applauded career choices in the past year, choosing to playing against type in a challenging role in 'Spring Breakers,' and she elected to pursue the medium of film while allowing her music career to cool on the back burner. Also, you never hear of Gomez drinking, partying or causing a scene at typical Hollywood haunts or going commando while stepping out of a car surrounded by the paps. She's the girl-next-door, Hollywood style.

She also looks extra cute in one of the internal shots, blowing a big ol' kiss with her luscious red lips.


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