What do Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have in common, besides the fact that both are young, talented, beautiful Disney songstresses who have the teen pop world eating out of the palm of their well-manicured hands? Well, both lovely lades have leapt onto Latina's 25 Most Beautiful Latino Stars Under 25 list. Congrats!

Both teens make those who share their heritage proud with their classy behavior and the way they make the best use of their God-given talent. Gomez has shown herself to be a kind, generous pop star, while Lovato has rebounded from her 2010 stint in treatment with grace and her head held high, emerging as a new role model for teens.

The list celebrates beauty on the inside and out and the list features celebs from places as varied as Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Colombia, to name a few regions. The list is comprised of blondes, Afro-Latins, curvy ladies and skinny gents, demonstrating that Latin beauty is expansive, broad and head-turning! There is no rigid standard – Latin beauty is eclectic and all-encompassing!

Victoria Justice and Bruno Mars are just two of the other superstars who populate the list alongside Gomez and Lovato. The list is full of actors, singers, reality stars and more. Congrats to all the Latin stars that were honored with this list.