Oh no. Selena Gomez tweeted that her newly adopted pup Baylor is sick and needs surgery! That's such a nerve-wrecking scenario for a pup parent, so we're sure Sel is totally anxious and worried today. Poor gal and poor little pup!

It was reported that Gomez and her boyfriend Justin Bieber adopted the canine at a local animal shelter while in Winnipeg, Canada. But The Biebs told Ryan Seacrest in a recent radio interview that he did not adopt the pup and that it's Gomez's dog.

Gomez tweeted an adorable photo of Baylor, reportedly a husky mix, curled up and napping on his side, writing: "My baby is sick : ( praying for his surgery." Aw, the poor thing! We hope the pup is okay and whatever surgery he needs is successful. We'll send good thoughts to Gomez so that her four-legged pal gets better on the quick.

Disney Info reported that the surgery was set for today, Nov. 11, but further details are scant. We're thinking that Sel will update us via Twitter once the surgery is over.

Hopefully of Gomez's fans and the Beliebers can send out good thoughts and prayers into the universe for the precious little pup!