Selena Gomez is always put together beautifully. Whether she's making a sky-high slit and down-to-there neckline look classy on an evening gown or making casual look cute at the House of Blues, Sel's style is almost universally admired. In a clip for the spring collection of her Dream Out Loud clothing line, Gomez reveals what goes into her outfits and how to make her style your own.

"I like to take risks, try new things, to just gain confidence and be more daring," Gomez says of her personal style. That sounds about right coming from someone with new blue tipped hair (and a starring role as a bank robbing party girl)!

Gomez displays, models and chooses pieces from her spring line in the clip, which shows fans how hands on she is in the process. She spent so much time on set that she had company: her adorable pup, Baylor makes a cameo. Too cute!

So what's Sel looking forward to donning come warm-weather months? Gomez reveals her favorite new piece: her flare jeans. "I do love the flare jeans just because I wear skinny jeans religiously," she laughed. "So I'm really happy that we're going to have a bit of a flare, '70s kind of look in the spring line."

"I didn't want my clothing line to just be about me. I wanted it to be about my fans. They're independent, they're individual," Gomez said. "So you can wear one of my cardigans with a dress, or a skirt, or with pants or with boots or with flats -- whatever they want, they can make it who they are."

At the end of the day, though, Gomez's style comes down to what she's comfortable and happy in -- and she insists that you should do the same. "Ultimately, you should be dressing for you and no one else," Gomez said earnestly. "There are gonna be a thousand articles in magazines, on the Internet -- celebrities, boyfriends and friends telling you what you should wear and what looks great. But at the end of the day, nothing feels more amazing than wearing something that you love."

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