Dramarama in Jelena-ville! Though reports surfaced yesterday that former flames Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's New York City meetup went well, new details are emerging about the split -- and it's not painting a pretty picture for Beliebers in particular.

InTouch (via Hollywood Life) reports that Biebs and Sel had a screaming match that ended their nearly two-year romance. Yikes! What was the spat about? Gomez reportedly suspected Bieber of lying to her about a few things ... involving other girls.

“Justin and Selena had a blow out fight that led to their breakup. She was screaming at him and ended it,” a source said. “Selena thought he was lying. Unexplained absences, girls texting him late at night.” Ruh roh.

What's more, another source says that Gomez had those now infamous trust issues because Bieber wanted to "experience other girls" since he's so young. If that's really the case, we can't say we blame the gal!

If it's true that Biebs had a wandering eye and wanted to date around (other sources have said he's being pretty tempted by all those hot Victoria's Secret models he partied with), it essentially shoots down a recent blind item saying he proposed to Sel twice. Because really -- if he wanted to date other girls, why would he get down on one knee not once, but twice, to his on-and-off girlfriend?

On the other hand, some sources are reporting that Bieber was the one who was jealous, especially after seeing a picture of Gomez kissing her co-star Nat Wolff on the set of 'Parental Guidance.' "[Justin] freaked out on that," a supposed insider said. "He would get jealous and she wouldn’t tolerate it."

It remains unclear if the pair are necessarily over for good. Another source said, "They’re young. They’re always on and off. Now they’re on a break. Tomorrow, they could be back on.” We hear Justin hopes that's the case. We do, too -- so shape up, Biebs!

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