She may have just turned 19 last week, but teen queen Selena Gomez is showing her adult side on the new cover of ELLE Mexico.

The always ravishing teen, who is also of Mexican descent, is rocking a floppy mauve hat and a form-fitting, navy blue pantsuit with a statement belt. While that might sound like something your mother would wear and while it's certainly a more mature look for Justin Bieber's lady love, take a peek at the cover image. There's no denying that Gomez looks gorgeous no matter what she wears. We love seeing a grown up Gomez in this cover shot. It's fresh and unexpected.

We have to go on record and voice how proud we are of Gomez for going in a bit of a different direction than her pop tart peers. So many teen singers position themselves as jail bait on magazine covers, wearing skimpy, sloppy and often age inappropriate attire.

On the ELLE Mexico cover, Gomez looks like a bona fide model. While her outfit skews a bit older, you cannot deny that it highlights her killer curves. Gomez also posed for some additional photos inside of the magazine, sporting vintage outfits that also highlighted her slim figure and overall beauty.

Gomez's photos in ELLE Mexico also remind us that you are as young as you feel and that you can still be beautiful while covering up. It's not always about showing skin and making pulses race. With her positive, 'learn to love yourself' anthem 'Who Says' and the way she conducts herself in the press, Gomez truly is the perfect role model for teenage girls. Parents probably love hearing their children sing along to Gomez's songs.

Flip Through Vintage-Inspired Photos of Selena Gomez in ELLE Mexico