Selena Gomez wants your opinion! The singer has asked her legion of fans for their input on her debut fragrance, which is currently in development.

WWD reports that Gomez wants to know which notes and smells her fans would like the scent to include. Fans are encouraged to log on to this site, enter their email address, and at some point later this year they will be notified on how to vote on the notes, accords and ingredients that are available for possible inclusion. The most popular notes will be incorporated into the finished scent. Selena Gomez's first perfume will be a true collaboration between herself and thousands of her closet fans.

Gomez isn't asking her fans to give away their suggestions, either. The 'Who Says' singer, 19, will reward the first 50,000 participants with a free sample of the fragrance that they helped concoct. Those very fans will be then entered into a lottery where the prize is the chance to tour the fragrance laboratory and to get up and close and personal with the scent-crafting process.

Since her boyfriend Justin Bieber broke all sorts of records for celebrity fragrance sales with his 'Someday' perfume, Gomez would also be wise to seek his advice and input on her first eau de Selena. He has a cosmetic hit on his hands and his lady love could enjoy the same type of scent success with suggestions from him, too!