Congrats to the newly single Selena Gomez for picking up Favorite TV Actress at the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards tonight (March 23.) The singer, who was on site to accept her award, looked pretty in a pale blue dress. She was totally stoked about winning the award, thanking everyone even though the 'The Wizards of Waverly Place' is no longer on the air.

"Even though the series is over, this is for you, thank you so much," Gomez said from the podium.

It's interesting that Gomez grabbed a fresh Kids' Choice Award, especially with her against-type role in 'Spring Breakers' making headlines. She's not safe Selena, the kid-friendly singer/actress anymore, thanks to that film, but the loyalty from the fans is still there. Good for her.

With this award, she has her heels planted firmly in both worlds. Now she just has to stop dissing her ex Justin Bieber in order to hold onto that teen loyalty.