Selena Gomez is the latest starlet to pose for a Terry Richardson shoot. Rihanna and Lady Gaga go before the snapper's lens on the regular, showing off their assets and wearing the photog's nerdy black glasses, and now Sel is getting on the fun.

However, if you notice from this array of gorgeous shots, the singer/actress doesn't just borrow Richardson's specs for a shot. She wears an oversized blue flannel, similar to the red one he is wearing. His style is rubbing off on her, although she sexes it up by showing just a touch of cleavage.

Gomez, who is working overtime to shed that squeaky clean Disney image with her bikini-clad role in 'Spring Breakers' and by ending her relationship with Justin Bieber, is a Lolita-like sexpot in these shots, thanks to that smear of tomato red lipstick, her tousled brown locks and bronzed smoky eyes.

It's not traditional "sex kitten" posing, but the intent is there. Sel is a pouty vixen, albeit a subtle one. But she also has a little fun posing alongside Richardson, giving the series a very gonzo feel.

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