Selena Gomez is slowly turning into America's Sweetheart. She's pretty, has a good head on her shoulders and is multi-talented. We're just going to come out and say it -- we love her! How could you not? She has an electric personality that seems to draw anyone and everyone towards her.

We are ready for her comeback to the pop music world with the release of 'Come & Get It,' which will appear on her still-untitled album. As we wait her new batch of tunes and the  launch of her Stars Dance tour, let's celebrate her second coming to the music scene -- with GIFs!

The first time Selena heard 'Come & Get It.'

If anyone messes with Selena's BFFs Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift.

Selena's review of 'Scary Movie 5.'

Selena's reaction when Kevin Jonas threw some shade in her direction.

Hypothetical situation. Zac Efron jumps off a bridge. What do you do?

Right after Selena got "swatted."

Selena's reaction before meeting Brad Pitt.

Presumably what Selena will be doing the moment before she's reunited with Justin Bieber.

When Selena saw Amanda Bynes' latest "twerking" mirror video.

Okay, Selena. Last question, what is the one way to win over your heart?