Selena Gomez showed absolutely no signs of exhaustion when she rocked the stage of the Good Morning America summer concert series, held every Friday in NYC's Central Park. The teenage dream, who was hospitalized just a week ago due to malnourishment (and a poor diet), was back in fine form this morning, especially when she debuted her new single 'Love You Like a Love Song.'

The soggy, humid weather didn't put a damper on Gomez's spirits, either! Before Gomez -- the girlfriend of fellow teenage dream Justin Bieber -- even took the stage, GMA host Robin Roberts commented that the crowd was very young; but that didn't stop them from being incredibly loud as they anxiously awaited the chance to bask in their heroine's presence.

Gomez came out for a quick chat with Roberts and George Stephanopoulos right after Roberts' Father's Day-themed interview with Barack Obama. Only on GMA can you segue from the president to a teen queen.

"I was very low in iron, I was dehydrated and I was exhausted," Gomez said, addressing her brief hospital stay. "My mom has been stocking up with the vitamins." She also spoke about how her music is informed by her new life experiences, saying, "It is my third record and I am getting older, so it's fun to display that in my music, what I experience in my life," Gomez said.

Gomez confirmed that she will be doing a Britney Spears tribute while on tour this summer, so that's something to look forward to, no doubt.

When asked if she would ever consider recording a song with Justin Bieber, she said, "I am not sure. I write songs and do it organically, so if it happens, it happens." She did talk about she handles the Beliebers who often criticize her by virtue of the fact that she is dating him! Gomez displayed grace and class when fielding those questions.

As for her performance with her band the Scene, Gomez performed their Platinum single, 'Who Says.' Gomez is quite the frontwoman, and having a backing band that plays actual instruments sets her apart from many of her peers. Wearing a silken, peachy-pink tank and skinny jeans, Gomez and her infectious, ear-to-ear smile had the crowd of tweens and their parents enraptured. The positive, "love yourself" anthem was a nice pick me up on a gray June morning.

Gomez also performed 'Love You Like a Love Song' live for the first time ever, as well. The song is a little edgier than 'Who Says,' and Gomez's performance showed her range. We love you like a love song, Selena.

Gomez and the Scene closed out their set with a rawking rendition of 'Naturally' from her previous album 'Kiss & Tell.'

Can we just say that we love her bejeweled microphone, which boasts her name on it?

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