Okay, let's be honest, lyric videos are pretty cheesy and boring. Selena Gomez is doing her part to change that standard, however, starting with a fun brand-spanking-new lyric video for her fresh single, 'Hit the Lights.'

Day by day, we're growing more and more anxious for the actual Selena Gomez and the Scene music vid to drop. Following a set of 'Hit the Lighs' video teasers on Tuesday, S.G. has smacked us with a lyric video that is equally as intriguing. In the clip, which of course is for the most part a simple screen with words running across it, the tone is set for a monster summer bash.

Instead of kicking into full song mode the second you press play, the play button incites a party-goer to walk to the tape player (yes, really!) sitting by the pool and press play herself, which then starts Selena's hip new dance single. From there, it's a frenzy of lyrics, but the real life party continues in the background -- a nice change from a snooze-worth pink, blue or (gasp!) white screen. We know, Selena wasn't even born when tape players were at their hype, but based on the second teaser for the video, in which she's wearing '80s prom gear, she seems to be kicking it old school.

We totes dig the valiant effort that was put into this, and can't help but suspect that it was actually shot during the taping of the actual music video. We'll just have to wait a few more days to find out! The Selena Gomez and the Scene 'Hit the Lights' video premieres on Nov. 16.

Watch the Selena Gomez 'Hit the Lights' Lyric Video