Selena Gomez has unveiled an eye-popping new version of her 'Hit the Lights' video to accompany the remix version of the song.The remix is nearly identical to the original recording, except that an extra layer of synths has been added to the poppy beat. Similarly, the new video matches the old one, but the contrast has been cranked up to distort the colors. It looks like something an art student would create, and it's a really cool visual.

In the video, Selena and her friends forget about all their cares and spontaneously enjoy life. That means dancing through cornfields, playing baseball with pumpkins, chasing each other with flashlights and jumping into piles of balloons.

There's also a scene that looks like it might be Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber engaged in some hardcore lip locking, but a peek at the original video shows that it's actually another set of young lovebirds who resemble the teen pop power couple.

The original 'Hit the Lights' appeared on Selena Gomez and the Scene's 2011 album 'When the Sun Goes Down.'

Watch the Selena Gomez 'Hit the Lights' Remix Video