Whoa. Selena Gomez just ignited a firestorm of curiosity with a photo she shared, where she is nuzzling with former 'Wizards of Waverly Place' co-star David Henrie, labeling it 'Homesick.'


Our immediate question? Is Sel homesick for that period of her life or is she homesick for Henrie? Is there a new romance in the air?

The photo certainly stirred up a barrage of chatter that this was Selena's response to the Biebs posting photos of his tourmate Ariana Grande's grandmother and a photo that saw Bieber and Grande sharing a friendly smooch on the cheek.

Ya know, not every single tweet and/or photo is a response or some secret, clandestine, coded message to Justin Bieber, you guys.

That said, all that Bieberiffic nonsense is secondary, since this is quite a telling picture, one that asks more questions than it answers.

Sel is also sorts of nuzzled up to Henrie, and since she is single, perhaps she's ready to take the plunge, moving on and dating someone familiar and comfortable? You can't argue with a pic. Those are worth how many words? In this case, it's like a billion … the same worth as One Direction.

We're soooo curious about wud up wit dis pic! It's not the first time they've gotten close, and we bet it won't be the last.